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New Year Trends and Novelties – FASHION TRENDS

A fashion that is becoming more and more important is nail decoration 2023, so we thought it would be interesting to present a collection of ideas according to what we already see will be some of the trends of 2023.

As you will see, the proposals are really varied and range from simple to elaborate; which makes it much easier for all of us to find a proposal that, in addition to being a trend, is in line with our style, as well as the occasion in which we think of using our 2023 nail decoration.

Or you can draw the stripes on the nail directly without background color.

Long Haircuts 2023: Hairstyle Trends For Hairstyles

Nail decoration 2023 with glitter

Just as we often like to wear rings, this season the jewelry for the hands can be our own hand, since one of the trends is to put metallic and shiny ornaments on them.

Long Haircuts 2023: Hairstyle Trends For Hairstyles

Small drops of a color of our liking or small applications on a contrasting background, it is another of the most popular options for the 2023 season for nail decoration… Taking nails in two colors, one in the center and the other on the periphery of the nail is another excellent option.??

Nails in degraded tones are also another option this year, as you will appreciate. Many designs with stripes were seen.

Take a look at the pictures and you will see that the possibilities are really limitless for nail decoration 2023. Different geometric designs on each nail. A very chic minimalist style.

Long Haircuts 2023: Hairstyle Trends For Hairstyles

Long Haircuts 2023: Hairstyle Trends For Hairstyles

And French, already so fashionable, will also continue to gain fans. The options are very varied.One of possible options will be medialuas either classic or inverted.

Mixing colors is going to be one of the possibilities where you can use many techniques to make the nail stay in different colors. Use your creativity and create your own style.

Fashion colors for nail decoration 2023

Dark hues, reds, oranges and pastels flooded the fashion runways. Nail decoration is an increasingly widespread practice.

And not only classic nail polish is used to create different designs and designs, but also other elements such as crystals, rhinestones, ,glitter and endless small ornaments that can make nails look like small works of art.

Long Haircuts 2023: Hairstyle Trends For Hairstyles

But you can also come up with simple and very beautiful drawings, which you can do yourself at home, even without much knowledge.

Here are some ideas that might inspire you.As you can see, with a little bit of creativity and ingenuity you can achieve really good things.

  1. You can use an old gel pen to make precise designs on the nail, keep in mind that you have to wait a few minutes for it to dry. This will be one of the trendsanddecoration needstion of nails 2023
  2. Polka dots on nails are very fashionable. You can use a fork to draw the dots.
  3. The nail design tape is very cheap and easy to use. You can create beautiful drawings.
  4. As easy as making a design on a ribbon, cutting it out and then using it as a template. You can create different designs in this very simple way.
  5. Anything that is open and has designs can be used to decorate the nails. In this case, a wound bandage is used to create pellets.

Long Haircuts 2023: Hairstyle Trends For Hairstyles

Long Haircuts 2023: Hairstyle Trends For Hairstyles

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