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New Year 2023: the 5 best rituals to attract money

One of the most deeply rooted traditions for New Year are the famous ritualsprocedures that, according to popular wisdom, can help us achieve our goals for the coming year, and if what you want for 2023 is to attract moneyhere we show you what you should do to ensure a good financial year.

1. Put a bill in your shoe

So that prosperity and money are never needed at home, put a current bill in your right shoe one minute before the end of 2022. According to Heraldo Binario, another variant of this ritual is to hold it in your hand.

2. Ritual of rice and coins

Rice in the East symbolizes prosperity, so putting it in a glass jar or filling a plate with this grain and adding 7 coins of the same denomination ensures that money flows into your life.

3. Ritual with lentils

Moments before the end of the year, prepare a handful of lentils near you. When 2023 starts, throw them over your head while you think about your purposes associated with money. What to do with lentils in the ground? Pick them up and put them in a cloth bag, which will serve as a good luck charm for money.

4. Ritual of the 13 coins

It is a fairly simple way to attract prosperity in 2023, you only have to keep 13 coins in your pocket and bring them with you during dinner and the arrival of the new year. If you wish, you can place them inside a red purse, a color that in Feng Shui is good luck.

5. Yellow underwear

Finally we have the most popular ritual of all: the colored pants. If you want to attract money, wear yellow underwear, a tone that symbolizes economic prosperity. It is said that the correct way to do it is to put it on backwards and after 12 at night put it on the right side.

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