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New Year 2023: the 10 best rituals to attract abundance and prosperity

2023 is knocking on the door and we all want to receive it in the best possible way. To welcome you as you deserve, we can resort to new year rituals and thus take advantage of the energy of a new beginning to attract abundance and prosperity into our lives.

What rituals are the best to receive the year? The astrologer Mizada Mohamed shared in a video that she posted on her YouTube channel, the most popular rites that we can perform to receive the year. Us We review 10 of them and we tell you what they mean and how to do them.

1. Go out with suitcases in hand

This ritual is used so that the next year you travel more than the previous one. The correct way to do it is preparing the luggage as if you were really going to go on a trip that night, go out and walk a block with them.

2. Wear new clothes

Using something new to receive the year is another of the most common rituals. It symbolizes leaving behind the old and welcoming the new. Some say that the entire outfit should be new, however, one piece of clothing that you wear is enough.

3. Do a household cleaning

Many people use to clean the home on December 31 to receive the year. This act symbolizes purifying the environment of negative energies. If you choose this ritual, don’t forget to light a sandalwood or copal incense when you finish.

4. Take out what was not used in the year

To move stagnant energies, we must remove clothes, dishes, appliances or any utensil that we never use during the year. It is unlikely that we will use it in 2023, so the option is to donate it to people who do benefit from it.

5. Colorful underwear

One of the most common rituals is to wear red or yellow underwear to attract love or money, respectively. You can use other colors that align with your New Year’s resolutions. If you want to attract several things at the same time, use the color that you consider most important and add ribbons of the other colors that are associated with your goals.

6. The 12 grapes

Grapes symbolize the abundance and blessings of the new year. 12 are used because each one corresponds to a month of the year and we must eat them to the sound of 12 chimes. To avoid choking, make a wish list now and put it out a couple of minutes before midnight.

7. Salt grain

This ritual must be carried out on the night of December 31. You have to place a handful of salt in every corner of the house to absorb the bad energy of the year that is saying goodbye. On January 2, 2023, sweep the salt out of the house.

8. Seeds of abundance

In a jar or plate, place 7 different seeds such as lentils, corn, chickpeas, beans, etc., and fill the container to the top. Add your quartz to the top if you wish and cover everything with something golden, the color of abundance.

9. The 12 coins of abundance

In the patio, garden or edge of the sale, place 12 coins of the same denomination and leave them the night of December 31. Pick them up on January 1st and store them in a box. Take another empty box and on the last day of January take a coin out of the first box and put it in the empty box. This procedure must be done every month.

10. Amulet bracelet

For this ritual you must get 3 red, green and yellow ribbons. Braid these ribbons and bring them back throughout the year. You can do several on December 31 in case you drop it.

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