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New Year 2023: rituals to attract love as a couple, personal and family

Rituals can help you manifest your desires for the next 2023 and if what you want is to attract love as a couple, personal and family There are some options to perform on New Year’s Eve.

One of the noblest purposes that we can ask the universe for in the year that is about to begin is love, a selfless feeling that when we practice it makes us grow as people. Then, We leave you 4 options of rituals to attract love and so choose the one that best suits your wishes. All of them were recommended by the medium Sonia Valenzuela to the site La Hora and, best of all, is that You can get the materials right now at home.

Ritual to find a partner

Take a pencil and paper to write down how you visualize your ideal partner. In addition to writing the physical traits, includes feelings and emotions, most important characteristics. She gets a cinnamon stick and rolls up the paper, now put it away in a drawer. If you want the ritual to have more power, buy 7 red candles and light one for the next 7 days, when doing so, place them on a plate and surround them with sugar and cinnamon powder. Also read: New Year’s Ritual 2023: what candles to light to have money all year

Ritual to keep your current partner

Get two white candles, in one record your name with something sharp and in the other that of your partner. Tie them with a red date and spread them with honey and sugar. Light them and let them burn completely. Keep the remains in a red bag and hide it in the bedroom.

Ritual for family love

If you want an atmosphere of peace, harmony and love to reign in your family, write down the names of all the members on a piece of paper and roll the paper around a cinnamon stick. Leave it in front of a family photo where the people you wrote appear.

ritual for friendship

If you think it is necessary to work on your friendship ties, write down on a piece of paper what you wish for each of your friends. Through this selfless act, you give your positive energy to the universe and it will return, strengthening your bonds of friendship.

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