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New Year 2023: ritual of the bay leaf in the shoe to attract money

If you want to attract money and prosperity in 2023 there are many rituals that can help you manifest this desire to the universe, one of them is the bay leaf in the shoe.

What is the magic of this simple, but powerful ritual? Few people know about the energetic properties of laurel and those who know about its magic use it to attract economic well-being.

There is a reason why it is one of the most used in rituals, mainly those of money: its energetic properties.

The Greeks believed that the priestesses chewed laurel inside the temple of Apollo to enter a trance state and thus be able to prophesy, while the Romans believed that it gave Caesar the gift of clairvoyance and augured fortune in his mandate, for that reason they crowned him with this plant.

To the present day, The laurel symbolizes honor, glory, triumph, strength and luck.. Whoever uses its power has a better chance of being victorious, which is why using it in your New Year rituals could augur a prosperous year for you.

How to do the ritual of the laurel in the shoe

Now that you know its meaning and powers, you have to put its benefits into practice. The ritual of the laurel in the shoe in the New Year is easy to do and according to esoterics it is one of the most effective.

The first thing we must do is get a couple of bay leaves and put each one in each shoe that we are going to wear to receive 2023. The meaning of this ritual is that each step, when stepping on the laurel, assures us the path to prosperity.

The clairvoyant and psychic Luz Silva Soler recommended in an article on the site Hechizo.net to use the freshest leaves that we can get, so the yields will be more fruitful, in addition to wearing clean shoes as they symbolize purity.

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