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New technology both heats up the electric car and gives it a longer range

Electric cars are a concept that has long been usable, but in recent years has become a reality that could really change the way we use a car.

Especially since we don’t have enough fossil fuels to continue driving in the same way for any length of time. Therefore, engineers have constantly tried to find new ways to make use of all the energy used to reduce consumption. To give the car a longer range but also to make it more usable. An electric car that can only drive one kilometer is not usable and therefore the capacity and range are constantly increasing for the new models that are released. To reuse the energy, electric cars usually have a strong regeneration where the car’s engine brake is used to recharge the battery. Many electric cars also have clever aerodynamic tricks to reduce air resistance.

Cold weather has been a tough challenge

Cold weather means a shorter range for electric cars as both the battery and the passenger compartment have to be heated and this requires energy. But now a new solution may be on the way. The idea is to cover the car’s doors, center console and roof with a thin and transparent foil that can conduct electricity. The technology is said to be cost-effective and easy to manufacture. As the foil conducts current, it heats up and the heat then radiates into the passenger compartment. It should provide significantly faster heating than with conventional hot air. An initial calculation indicates that the range would be six percent longer than with existing technology.

This would mean that a car with a range of 30 miles will have a 1.8 mile longer range with the new technology. The technology would also reduce the total amount of energy required to heat the passenger compartment by 20 percent.

This could be a solution that we have been waiting for, which gives electric cars a significantly better range while also making it easier for those who use such a car in a cold climate. After all, electric cars are one of the ways for a better climate and a reduced consumption of fossil fuels.

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