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New technical innovations benefit gambling companies in the EU and the world

The gaming industry has changed drastically over the past five years. Given the progress of technology, there is no doubt that the industry will change further in 2023 and the years to come. The biggest changes have taken place in mobile games, payment solutions and developments in streaming technology. Industry men and experts believe that this is just the beginning of a new era.

But what can we expect in 2023 globally? We dive deep into the subject and look at some points that could change the gaming industry in the new year.

Unclear future for crypto casinos

The progress and decline of cryptocasinos is something that has been widely discussed within the industry. Anonymity has long been advocated as one of the absolute biggest advantages of cryptocasinos. But despite the fact that the market has not gone in the right direction recently, many owners of cryptocurrencies believe that cryptocasinos will become bigger in the long run. Nevertheless, it is doubtful how the development would go in that direction in the EU and Sweden, which have long had a more restrictive policy around cryptocurrencies and tax policy. If industry experts are to be believed, crypto casinos will decline, although players will still be able to enjoy playing on sites that are not licensed in their home countries.

Online games are inspired by physical casinos – want to convey emotions

If we change the theme and look towards live casinos, the probability is that there will also be changes there. When online casinos gained traction, it was basically impossible for the physical gambling houses to maintain the same customer volumes as before, especially when many preferred to play online. But recently, more and more players have become more interested in physical casinos, precisely because of the feeling that online casinos cannot deliver.

In order to meet the demand set by the market, many online casinos have been forced to adapt their offer to mimic what is offered at physical casinos. Instead of animated dealers, real dealers are now offered, i.e. people connecting via a live stream. Just five years ago, the technology was relatively new and unproven, but in step with digitization, there have been many improvements. Today, better sound, graphics and images are offered. The technical successes are seen mainly among the larger gambling companies, which also had the best conditions for adapting their operations to the new digital trends. Read more about gambling companies at Casivowhere you can also get an idea of ​​which major players players can turn to in order to possibly test technology and new implementations.

Physical casinos vulnerable to political decisions

Although physical casinos managed to turn around and had to fight to get visitors back, these too have had tough challenges, especially when many gaming and casino houses had to close down in connection with the pandemic. Although the situation has improved in many parts of Europe and the USA, there are still risks that physical casinos, their live events and tournaments may be forced to close again. A factor that has quite a large impact is the geopolitical situation, travel restrictions and other things that can affect the physical premises.

New payment methods at entrances

In parallel with all the changes, it is also predicted that things will happen with the payment methods offered on the market today. Cash is not as useful as it used to be. When the world opened up to online gaming, card payments were dominant. Nowadays, players can pay with watches, mobile phones, Swish and other electronic payment solutions. Just a few months ago, jewelry with built-in technology for smooth payments and transfers was also introduced. Fintech is a new business area that actively works to develop financial technology, and there is no doubt that the industry will have to adapt to what the financial market develops and has to offer.

Exciting improvements in slots – the industry promises something for everyone

Within the gaming industry, there are several interesting areas to look at, but to summarize the changes, we can end with something that most casino enthusiasts like – namely slots games.

Most players on the market do basically everything to provide a wide, varied and interesting offer to their customers – themes, mechanism, profit potential are just some of these. Over the past year we have seen some improvements where some providers have started to offer graphics in HD, 3D and even VR, albeit in a small scale crowd. At the moment it is difficult to predict how the games will improve, but with hindsight and the fact that the quality has become higher, we can make sure that the slot games will improve even further. Within the industry, there is talk of “the new generation of slot games” which could have an impact in 2023. The theory is that the gaming companies will open up to more theme-based games, with inspiration from, among other things, movies, video games, music brands, TV series – and thus capture additional interesting target groups.

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