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New solutions in Kungsbacka municipality provide a better basis for environmental supervision

Through a smart application in the municipality’s web map, the handling of small drains is now faster in Kungsbacka. The support that has been produced facilitates the work of the environmental inspectors to obtain the correct information more safely and easily.

The building and environmental administration in Kungsbacka develops new working methods and tests new technology in its work and makes use of the possibilities of digitization in supervision and handling. In the work to simplify the handling of drains, the aim was to find better ways to both test and carry out supervision of small drains based on the risks that exist. Small sewers mean sewage treatment plants that are for one or a few households.

It is now easier to get answers to information about health protection risks, soil layers and nutrient load of nitrogen and phosphorus through the municipality’s web map. The support was completed last spring and is based on data taken from 60 databases. The application means that the case managers do not have to search and find information themselves, but it happens automatically. This means greater legal certainty, more equal treatment and time savings. It is the municipality’s GIS engineers who developed the support.

– The support in the map is a good aid for us, but it also makes it easier for applicants to understand why a certain solution is suitable for their property. In meetings with residents, we usually show the protection levels, among other things, and the tool makes it a lot easier to quickly find out the risk class and the justification behind it, says Mohammed Issa, environmental and health protection inspector in Kungsbacka.

Multifunctional solution that can be used in other areas

The solution can be developed and the integrations in the map can be used in other areas of the municipality. The County Administrative Board and the Sea and Water Authority have been in contact with Kungsbacka municipality and are impressed by the work to find better ways to work with supervision for small drains, and how to easily both classify risk and create risk-based supervision intervals.

Innovative power and the ability to use new technical solutions are crucial for the ability to solve societal challenges. As a municipality, Kungsbacka needs to be relevant and meet the expectations of residents and business owners.

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