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New Pix coup on Instagram! Check it out to protect yourself!

A new Instagram Pix coup is causing damage to many platform users. Bandits use profiles of ordinary people and advertise, at affordable prices, the sale of products that do not exist. In this context, those who are not aware can fall into the trap and “acquire” non-existent goods, paying per pix.

This is Pix’s new Instagram coup, which has even claimed some victims. But this is not the only way cyber criminals operate, who also rely on other techniques to rob people. Follow this article to the end and learn how the Pix scam on Instagram works in practice and how to protect yourself from it.

What this article covers:

How is the Pix coup on Instagram?

Pix’s new Instagram coup is pretty easy to understand: basically, thugs hack an account on the platform and use the stories mechanism to advertise products of various types, such as cell phones, computers, televisions, appliances, among others. All of this is offered at below-market prices, as the material is supposedly used.

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When viewing the ads, followers of the profile stolen by criminals are interested in the goods, contact them via DM and make payment via instant transfer (pix). After that, criminals block the victim and never contact them again.

The argument generally used by swindlers in applying the Pix coup via Instagram is that the products are at a low price because they belong to a person who is going to travel outside Brazil and needs to get rid of them quickly. By believing this, users become part of the statistics of victims of this new Pix coup via Instagram.

Why is it easier for the victim to fall for the scam in some cases?

Anyone, unfortunately, can fall for the Pix scam on Instagram, as there are many ways to have their account stolen. But, the risk is even greater for those who do not use the security mechanisms developed by technology platforms, such as two-way authentication whatsapp factors🇧🇷

It is through the instant messaging app that the Pix scam for Instagram often starts. Therefore, activating this security system is essential.

In addition, another thing that also leads people to fall into these fraudulent actions is inattention itself. You always have to be wary of very low prices and strange postures by the owner of the profile. If the user does not usually advertise products, be suspicious if this happens suddenly.

What types of offers from the Pix coup on Instagram?

Overall, criminals applying this new Pix coup via Instagram usually advertise ′′ used ′′ goods with below market values. In most cases, appliances and electronics are the most used weapons, but things like sofas, tables and video games also appear on this list.

The idea used in the Instagram Pix scam is that ads are to ′′ sell soon “, that’s why prices are so attractive and for that same reason many people fall for the scam.

For those who don’t want to fall for scams like this, the best recommendation is what has already been said above: be suspicious. If a very attractive offer appears on someone you know’s Instagram stories, contact them through other platforms (Facebook and phone, for example) and confirm that the information is true. If you can’t do this, don’t buy anything, as it could be the Pix coup on Instagram.

How to protect yourself from scams with offers

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In the case of those who have their accounts hacked, a good way to prevent this is to activate Instagram’s two-factor authentication option. To do this, just go to the “Settings” option, then “Security” and “Two-Factor Authentication”.

In this case, it is important that the authentication is not via SMS, as the bandits have the means to intercept these messages, which would make the security mechanism useless.

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