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New payment method by WhatsApp

Every Brazilian must have already noticed the new WhatsApp payment function, but few must have really gone after it to find out what it is and how the new option works.

WhatsApp is among one of the favorite messaging apps for us Brazilians. Practically every company, group of friends, family group and any other group has already created its own special WhatsApp chat to guarantee its virtual conversation space.

In addition to these interactions of pure friendly socialization between companions, another branch that saw great opportunities in WhatsApp is the private sector.

For this reason, for self-employed sellers, businesses and even friends who ended up doing some business or lending money, the messaging app now has a WhatsApp payment function.

What this article covers:

Which banks allow payment on WhatsApp?

WhatsApp payment works like any other transaction. It’s a new way to make a digital money transaction, only now in the WhatsApp application itself to make things easier. This idea is based on the fact that many of these commercial relationships are signed in the application in exchanges of messages and thus placing a payment method in the application itself would speed things up.

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Among the banks that soon accepted and have already entered into this partnership allowing payment via WhatsApp are:

  • Bank of Brazil.
  • Bradesco.
  • Itaú.
  • Paid Market.
  • Next.
  • Nubank.
  • Sicredi.
  • Woop.

Through the accounts of these banks, the customer can now carry out their transactions with payment via WhatsApp.

How to register a new payment method on WhatsApp?

Registering your bank card for WhatsApp payment is very simple! Let’s see the options on Android and iOS:


Next, we will show you how to register your application on the Android system to receive payments through Whatsapp.

Open WhatsApp and look for the “payments” tab.
Click on “Facebook Pay”. Create a PIN, password or if your phone allows it and you want, you can register your biometrics. Enter your data such as name and CPF.
Enter your card details such as: name, number, registered CPF, CVV and then confirm via the bank application, sms or email.

Now we have the process completed and simplified for Android.


Next, we will show you how to register your app on iOS system to receive payments by Whatsapp.

  • In the “settings” tab of the application, look for the payment option.
  • Click on “Facebook Pay” and then on “continue”.
  • Enter a PIN, password or biometrics if you are interested.
  • Add your CPF and click next.
  • Add card details and then click “save”.
  • Verify your card via bank application, email, sms or any other provided by your bank.

On iOS it’s a similar process, but it’s just as smooth as on Android.

What are the benefits of using the new WhatsApp payment method?

Using the WhatsApp payment method is obviously faster and more agile. In addition to being quite safe. One of the biggest advantages of this method that is worth noting is that you don’t have to give the person your data and neither does the person have to give you his data.

What are the benefits of using the new WhatsApp payment method

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When using WhatsApp payment, the entire process is mediated by the platform itself without the need to exchange any personal information.

How to use credit card on WhatsApp?

The credit card is focused on WhatsApp Business transactions, where you are paying for a purchase using WhatsApp payment.

And the debt?

With the function of transferring money between friends and family, it is done exclusively with the debit card.

Removing WhatsApp payment method

Removing WhatsApp payment method is very easy! Just go to the same place called “payments” where you added the card and click “remove”.

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