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New Moon of March 2023: rituals with candles to attract money and success

Each new moon represents the opportunity to open a cycle and there is no better way to do it than full of positive energy. Candles are tools that can help us channel the magic of these lunar phases, renew ourselves and attract success and money.

The night of this Tuesday, March 21, when the new moon in Aries is at its best It is perfect for carrying out rituals that allow us to take advantage of its energy.which is more powerful because it occurs on the first day of spring and the astrological new year.

Astrologers say that the effects of these lunations they are more powerful in the first 3 daysso you have the rest of this week to do some of the following options that we review for you.

Ritual with green candles for work success

If among your plans for this lunar month is finding a job, getting a promotion or closing a project, go to this ritual. You will need a green candle, a sheet of paper and a green envelope.

Light the green candle with a match, then write your wish associated with your career on the sheet. Try to be as specific as you can, so you give the right signals to the universe to fulfill your wish.

Turn the page over and list a minimum of 10 things for which you believe you deserve your wish to be fulfilled, for example “I have worked hard”, “my family deserves stability”, etc. When you’re done, blow out the candle with your wet fingers and put the sheet in the green envelope.

Put the envelope in a place where you will see it every day, like your nightstand, and place the green candle on top. On the next new moon, light the candle and burn on.

candle ritual for good fortune

Feng Shui precepts indicate that scented candles attract good fortune. A simple ritual that we can do on new moon nights is light all the candles we have at home trying to locate one in each room.

The flame and smell of the candles calls for good luck and promotes a positive, harmonious and calm atmosphere at home. The new moon helps to enhance this meaning.

candle ritual for abundance

This homemade recipe is very simple and used to attract abundance. You only need 3 green candles and the power of your mind.

When night falls, arrange the candles on a small altar and sit comfortably. Do some breathing exercises, when you feel that you are relaxed, use a match to light the 3 candles.

Now think about what it means to you right now to have abundance. It can be earning a specific amount of money, getting something material like a car or a house, as well as more spiritual things like harmony at home or having a stable partner.

Visualize your desire as if you were already living it, treasure it in your mind and heart. Focus on the feelings you are experiencing and use that positive energy to act on those goals.

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