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New Moon of March 2023: ritual to attract what you want most in your life

As it occurs after the spring equinox and marks the beginning of the season of Aries, the first zodiac sign, the new moon that we will see this Tuesday, March 21 It is one of the most powerful of 2023 to manifest our desires so it is the perfect time to carry out a ritual that will allow us to attract what we want most in life.

The energy that now exists in the cosmos is one of renewal, inspiration and passion.calls us to make the necessary adjustments in our lives, seek new opportunities and take some risks.

Let’s remember that with the Aries cycle we also celebrate the new astrological year and this new moon is another impulse that the universe offers us towards our goals. Foreverconscious.com experts revealed a powerful ritual that we can do to take advantage of the energy of this lunation and attract what we want most in life.

Ritual for the new moon of March 2023

To carry out this simple ritual you will need some easy-to-find ingredients, these are: the incense of your choice, flower petals, a sheet of paper, colored pencils, a bowl of water, and a quartz.

Before you start, keep in mind that this ritual is carried out for 3 days in a row and you have from now until April 3 to do it.

Choose a table or flat surface to place all the elements that you will occupy. Start by lighting the incense to cleanse the environment and your aura of negative energies and get in touch with the spiritual universe.

As you do, Foreverconscious.com said you can help yourself with the following prayer: “I am clean, I am free, no negativity can touch me. As I clean myself, I glow, as I clean myself from head to toe, a peace bathes me, a calm follows. Energy flows where my highest thoughts go. I am complete I am light I am restored.” Now pass the incense through all the ritual tools.

Perform a small meditation by closing your eyes and breathing calmly. Now take the colored pencils and draw on the sheet what you most want in your life.

Put your drawing on the table, now begin to decorate it with the flower petals and place your quartz on top.

Hold the bowl of water in both hands and say: “All that is for my highest good is now in my way. The perfect result, the answers I seek and the healing my body, heart, mind and soul need are now here. I welcome the love that is in my heart. I welcome the love that surrounds me. I welcome the love of the Universe. I flow in peace. I open myself to opportunity. I’m loved. I am cured. I am brave.”

Place the bowl on your drawing and leave it like that for 3 days in a row. On the third day, discard the flowers and save your drawing where you can see it daily.

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