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New Moon of March 2023: 3 Feng Shui rituals to attract love and abundance

New moons in Feng Shui mean renewal, beginnings, and purification. being perfect moments to open cycles and perform some rituals that allow us to attract abundance and love into our lives.

The March lunation acquires a more special power because occurs just one day after the vernal equinoxprojecting a stronger energy that we can take advantage of to improve our environment.

The following rituals are inspired by the philosophy of Feng Shuia tool that helps us make the most of space and energy, are easy to make and ideal for channeling the powerful vibration of the new moon in March.

Ritual for abundance and wealth

Tonight clean all the containers where you have stored salt and fill them again when they are completely dry. The one that is stored, dissolve it with water and use it to clean your house. Place a small bowl with salt in the kitchen and in the corners of your house and do this same ritual the next new moon.

With this simple ritual we are purifying the energies of the house and we open the doors to prosperity as we channel negative energy to positive. The changes will be noticeable quickly.

Energy renewal ritual

When the sun goes down and night falls on your home, use low lighting to promote a relaxed and calm atmosphere. If the lights in your house are very strong you can help with scented candles.

Now play calm music and light 3 incense sticks, the one of your choice, hold them in your right hand and take a tour of all the rooms in your house. Make 3 circles to the left every time you enter a room, this way you will clear the bad vibrations and the energy will be renewed.

Ritual for new opportunities

For Feng Shui it is very important that our house allows the flow of energy because if we have stagnation and obstacles, opportunities will not come. This ritual is very simple, but powerful and consists of removing all things from the house that we do not use or occupy. This includes clothing, trash, broken dishes, appliances that don’t work, etc. All this must leave your house on the new moon.

Energetically we are telling the universe that we are preparing space to receive new opportunities and abundance.

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