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New Moon of June 2022: what to do (and what not) to renew our energy

Every month the universe gives us the opportunity to rethink goals and open a chapter in our lives. This celestial gift is the new moons and precisely this Tuesday we vibrate with the magic of the new moon of June, and to take advantage of its energy, astrology tells us what to do and what not to do at the restart of the lunar cycle.

New moons occur every 28-30 days, in astrological terms, it is the phase where the sun and the natural satellite of the Earth are in conjunction or located in the same degree. For this reason the sun prevents us from seeing it and it looks “hidden” in the sky.

Also, a new moon marks the starting point of the lunar cycle so they are associated with changes, new beginnings and reflection. It is the perfect time to make the necessary adjustments and set new goals.

The energy of the new moon aligns with people, so unconsciously we tend to start with something, adopt new habits and make changes while its energy lasts, according to in an article.

The new moon of June 2022 is more powerful for emotional beginnings because it occurs in Cancer, where she feels comfortable because the Moon is the ruling planet of this sign. If you are interested in being aware of its energy and making the most of it, we tell you what to do and what not to do on this new moon.

What to do during the new moon of June 2022

listen to your intuition: this new moon invites us to understand people’s feelings, so it is a good time to listen to our intuition, reviewed Black Horoscope.

Perform an energy cleanse: An energetic cleaning of the home and the soul will allow the energy to flow correctly towards new beginnings. For personal purification, it is enough to meditate for a few minutes, while at home you can move furniture and organize your home.

release your emotions: The new moon in Cancer is the most emotional of the year, so it is the perfect time to express what is in your heart and heal past wounds.

Set a realistic intention: The energy of new beginnings can give you the boost you need to meet your next goals. Take advantage of it by setting clear, objective and realistic goals.

What not to do during the new moon of June 2022

hide your feelings: if you sense that your opinions or emotions will not like other people, do not shut them up. Find a way to express them with softer and more respectful words. Remember that you can’t control other people’s emotions, but you can.

leave things pending: laziness is the worst enemy of new moons. Use your energy to undertake, act, start and solve. Prioritize your needs above those of others.

argue with people: emotional sensitivity will be the protagonist of this new moon. Try to be empathic and do not fall into the drama. If you are going to debate, do it with solid and valid arguments.

give up something you care about: It is easy to decide to give up, but the consequences can be irreparable, especially when it comes to achieving your goals. If you feel the need to lower your arms, do not allow it; better find another approach and assess what is not working.

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