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New Moon of July 2022: how it will impact your zodiac sign

The new moon of July that will occur this Thursday, July 28, will be one of the most powerful for reboots, from an astrological point of view.. Our natural satellite will be aligned with the Sun and Mercury in Leo, this means that passion will ignite hearts and encourage us to confidently take on the cycles that we will begin.

Every new moon is the perfect time to set intentions and start projects, but this lunation gives us better opportunities to pursue our dreamscomment astrologers in Bustle.

And it is that for the experts this July 28 will be an interesting cosmic day because Jupiter’s retrograde will also begin, so we are more likely to feel the positive influence within ourselves.

However, the new moon in Leo next Thursday will not mean the same thing for all zodiac signs.

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The energy of the new moon affects each zodiac sign in different ways. Photo: Shutterstock

The new moon occurs in a fire partner (Aries and Leo belong to the same zodiacal element) so your heart will be filled with passion and inspiration. As Jupiter retrograde arrives he will feel called to express himself with more love, art and creativity. It is time to bet on yourself.

As a lover of luxury, the new moon will inspire you to renew your home and reflect your personality in it. Creativity will come to her heart to place things in their best place and move the furniture to where it looks the most. These changes will help stagnant energies to flow.

It will inspire you to strengthen sincerity with the people around you. You’ll have honest conversations with co-workers, friends, or your significant other. Your outgoing side will be stimulated to have those talks that, in the long run, will turn out to be fun.

This new moon asks you to prioritize your personal care needs. A ritual that will help with this task is to give yourself something that reminds you of your worth.

The spotlights of this lunation turn to Leo for being the leading sign of the initial lunar phase. It’s the perfect time to focus on your image and discover how to look more empowered. You can try some new, glamorous and daring styles.

This new moon gives Virgo the opportunity to enjoy time at home to rest and tune in to their dreams. His spirituality will be stimulated, so it is recommended that he write a wish list for the short and medium term.

The new moon of July gives you the strength to be the person who unites your work team, group of friends or family. Harmony and balance are a priority for this sign, and this lunation gives it what it takes to express and share this vibe.

The spotlight will be on Scorpio at work. If he puts fear and insecurities aside, he will be able to successfully show off his talents and these will lead him down a path of success. It is a good time to turn his career around and take the initiative.

Your adventurous spirit will feel freer than ever. Journeys and opportunities will begin to materialize that will strengthen your soul. It’s time to get involved in the unknown, take risks and expand your horizons.

The new moon will prompt Capricorn to set boundaries within their relationships. If necessary, he will have to ask someone for help to prosper in his new endeavors.

Now is the time to be less individualistic and think of others. The new moon asks you to make sure that the most important people in your life know that they are special.

If you feel stagnant in your professional creativity, the new moon comes as a shock that will help your ideas flow. You’ll need to make room in your schedule to connect with your passions and explore new dreams.

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