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New moon of January 2023: how its meaning affects your zodiac sign

The new moon of January 2023 will occur this Saturday the 21st in the progressive sign of Aquarius, the ideal time to pounce on new and exciting projects, as well as manifest our wildest dreams.

A new moon is the perfect time to start something, because It is the opportunity that the universe offers us for the beginnings. For this reason, this lunar phase is the best for setting intentions.

What happens this January 21 is loaded with interesting Aquarian energies, which means that it breaks established patterns, limitations and makes us more proactive towards the year’s resolutions.

What is the spiritual meaning of the new moon in January?

This new moon is the first of 2023 and as it happens in Aquarius, the most visionary air sign, inspires us to think outside the box, take risks and celebrate our individuality. It’s a great time to try out new looks, make friends, and show off your unique personality, astrologer Tamerri Ater tells PopSugar.

Spiritually, it invites us to review what our general objectives are, analyze their possible scope and what topics are the most relevant. The theme of this new moon is self-reflection.

Effects of the new moon in January on the zodiac


It will bring abundance to your social circle so you can expand your friendships and establish new relationships. The new people in your life will come with blessings.


The new moon asks your sign to think outside the box. You may be on the verge of a career change or wondering where you need to address to advance in various positions in your life.


This lunation inspires you to acquire new knowledge and change your perspective. It is a good time to start planning a trip abroad.


It can be overwhelming because it will let go of things you are not ready to let go of yet. It is a great sacrifice, but at the end of the process you will realize that it is a blessing in disguise.


The new moon in January will come with a special person in your life, be it in love, friendship or business. Whatever the subject, it will mean progress.


It will help you hone your organizational skills and detailed planning. It is the best time of the year to establish a route that allows you to reach your goals.


The new moon in Aquarius will empower you and make you start new projects. Channel this energy to self-love and you can attract the ideal partner or some extra luxuries.


You will question the role you play in your family and it will help you set limits. On the other hand, it is a good time to redecorate your space or do some renovations.


Your thoughts will be restless, but they will help you clarify some things. You could decide to enroll in an activity or class to fill yourself with more knowledge.


It is the moment you were waiting for to plant the financial seeds that you will see reap as you progress through the year. You will have more creative ideas on how to earn more money.


Your sign is the protagonist of this new moon, so a total transformation is coming for you. You should not be afraid of strange things that come to your mind; accept them because they will make you level up.


It is the best time of the year to focus on your most spiritual self and practice some rituals. Take the opportunity to free yourself from all physical, spiritual and mental disorder.

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