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New Moon of August in Virgo: know its spiritual meaning

The new moon that occurs this Saturday August 27 in Virgo is special for our plans therefore, knowing its spiritual meaning can help us use its rational energy more effectively, after all, these issues are the protagonists of the season of the sixth zodiac sign.

All new moons mark the beginning of the monthly lunar cycle, so its astrological meaning is associated with beginnings, that’s why it is the perfect time to plant the seed of what we want to harvest in the coming weeks. However, the vibe contained in each new moon is different and depends on the sign where it occurs, as well as the planetary movements that accompany it.

Virgo is the seeker of perfection, purity and orderThat’s why the new moon of August that will rise in the skies in this sign will help us to recompose the superficial disorder of our lives and discover in which direction we want to go.

Spiritual meaning of the new moon in Virgo

If you were thinking of making practical plans, the new moon in Virgo is the perfect opportunity.. According to Bustle, this sign focuses on well-being, keeps things simple and allows us to adapt more easily to the changes we face.

This means that now we can clear our minds and reduce things to their most basic form so as not to complicate ourselves too much. If we keep a steady course there is no way that the ship will deviate from our objectives, this is the theme of the lunation.

However, the cosmic drama will be present to complicate things. Our natural satellite will form a square with Mars, which could cause our patience to run out fast. However, Bustle astrologers recommend resisting the urge to “full throttle” and let things settle down. Instead, channel this energy into our minds to think before we act.

On the other hand, Venus will oppose Saturn on the day of the new moon and will reveal some truths about our relationships, so we might feel the need to stand up for ourselves.

How to Take Advantage of the August New Moon in Virgo

Astrologers recommend setting simple, logical and achievable goalsbut instead of rushing towards them, go step by step and focus on creating adaptable plans, keeping in mind that our goals may change over time.

The moon in Virgo is the ideal time to implement wellness goals such as incorporating healthy routines into our day, clearing our minds, and focusing on our physical bodies.

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