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New Moon in Virgo: how to tune in to the new moon in August

For the next six months after a new moon, wishes begin to come true only if they are truly aligned with our life purposes, astrologers say. It is because of that the new moon of August in Virgo is the perfect time to tune in to its energy and lay the foundations for what we want to achieve next.

Virgo is an ambitious sign and often passionate about organization and order in all aspects of life. So this lunation is not about feeding the ego, but about set intentions that allow us to align with our personal notion of perfect life, explained PopSugar.com in an article.

When exactly does the new moon occur in Virgo?

The new moon in Virgo of the year 2022 will happen on August 27 at 4:16 am ET., perfect time for all early risers. Astrologers say that, to take advantage of its energy, it is not necessary to perform the rituals that you want just at that time because its energy will be active throughout the day and even the next day.

How to tune in to the new Moon in Virgo

New moons are perfect times to set intentions for new projects and the opening of cycles. Astrologer Yasmin Boland makes these recommendations to us on her official site based on her book Moonology.

Make an inventary

Virgo is an analytical and observant sign, so now is the time to pay attention to the details and take stock of your life. How to do it? Separate what works from what we no longer need and think about which parts we need to make changes to.

acts of service

The best way to start a new path is to work in the service of others, says Boland, and Virgo is all about this energy. If you ask yourself how you can help people and take action in that sense, you will activate the positive karmic points towards you.

be healthier

One of Virgo’s themes is health and wellness. The new moon of Virgo is ideal for setting new goals in life habits, for example, diets and exercise. The energy of this sign is habit-forming, which is why the astrologer suggests including activities such as meditations, yoga or nutritious breakfasts in your morning or evening routines.

Don’t judge others

A negative point of Virgo is its tendency to be touchy and very critical; these themes could be very noticeable now. Instead of finding fault with the people you love, embrace them and focus on the positive aspects of them.

organize earrings

Take advantage of this lunation to make late payments, put documents in order and clean up the mess.

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