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New Moon in Leo 2022: rituals to manifest your deepest desires

The new moon in Leo that we have this Thursday is ideal to express your deepest desiresso we have selected some very simple rituals that you can perform if you want to take advantage of the energy of this lunation.

In astrology, a new moon symbolizes the beginnings, since begins a 6-month cycle that concludes with the full moon in the same zodiac sign. This means that the results of what you manifest in this new moon will bear fruit with the full moon in Leo that will occur in the first months of 2023.

It seems to be a fairly long period, however, the benefits of these lunations is that some of the results can be noticed as the lunar cycle passes. New moons are characterized by “hiding” in the sky and as our natural satellite advances, it lights up. This means that the manifestations that we make today will gain strength because they will be in tune with the energy of the phases.

Secondly, Leo is a sign associated with creativity, personal desires and that invites us to demonstrate our talents.. All the brightness of the lion makes us the center of attention, so the new moon in this sign is the best to manifest our deepest desires. Now that you know why it is time to do a ritual, we give you some very simple, but powerful options.

Moon phases
The energy of the moon grows as it moves through its monthly lunar cycle. Photo: Shutterstock

Ritual to manifest your intentions

New moons metaphorically are the perfect time to sow the seeds of our desires. How can you do it in reality? Write down on a piece of paper all the goals you want to achieve in the next 6 monthsas recommended by the Pilar Diario site.

Try to be as specific as possible and do not hesitate to ask for the most ambitious. An important part of this ritual is to write at each point how you intend to act or what actions you will implement to make them come true.

Ritual to express your most cherished desires

According to the specialized site lunalogia.com, candles are a powerful element in the new moon phases, when our natural satellite is in complete darkness. If you dedicate the light of a candle to it, it can help you with your wishes..

This ritual must be carried out today and no later than 3 days later. Take a white candle with both hands, close your eyes and visualize how you would feel when your most cherished wishes come true. Imagine your emotions, what you would do, how it would improve your life, etc. When you finish, light the candle with a match and tell the Moon that this light is to illuminate its path and be grateful for its energy.

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