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New Moon in Cancer 2022: 3 simple rituals for new beginnings

The sun and the moon will be aligned in the sign of Cancer on June 28. when the new moon occurs, which means the universe will hit the button to reset our lives and it will be the perfect time to start a new chapter.

In astrology, new moons are used to set intentions or plant the seeds of efforts that we will reap in the coming months.. Its energy serves to plan, be grateful for what we have achieved to date, listen to our intuition and raise our expectations.

The new moon of June brings with it the domestic, sensitive and emotional energy of Cancer so it invites us to reflect on home life, family and the feelings we express in relationships with others.

For the above, this new moon is ideal for new beginnings in emotional matters. Here are 3 rituals suggested by astrologers that will help you open chapters in your life.

1. Organize a dinner with your inner circle

Astrologers explained in an Astrostyle.com article that Cancer is the sign that rules foodand since it is also associated with emotions, one of the rituals that will help us establish new beginnings with our loved ones is to invite them to dinner at home.

You can prepare the food yourself or ask each of you to bring a dish. This ritual symbolizes celebrating that you are united and will help you strengthen your emotional connection for the coming months.

2. Write your intentions using intuition

If you don’t feel ready to have a reunion with friends, family, or your partner, this ritual can help you with new beginnings. Take a pencil and paper to write each of the goals you want to achieve in the next 6 months. According to Starsignstyle this new moon is very powerful for emotional manifestations, so let your intuition dictate how you plan to achieve your goals and write it down on paper.

3. New moon ritual for self-love

The new moon in Cancer is the ideal time to recognize our deepest feelings, understand them and heal them. An energy purification ritual for self-love will help you positively restart any chapter you wish to open in your life..

With a match, light an incense to purify the space. While it is consumed, close your eyes and meditate on what you want to achieve in the coming months. The most important thing is to listen to what is in your heart, if there are guilt or resentments, think about them and release them.

Open your eyes and look at yourself in a mirror. Acknowledge what is inside you and if necessary confess to your deepest feelings. Now take a few minutes to praise yourself. Talk to your reflection and plan how you want to heal and achieve your goals.

Finally, write on a piece of paper 10 points to be more loving, kind and understanding with yourself.

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