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New moon and full moon: know the differences and how to work with its energy, according to astrology

Within lunar cycle two phases are the most important for astrology, the new and full moon. Although we might be familiar with its appearance, the first is characterized by being completely obscured, while the second is large, round and shiny, the meaning and symbolism of each can cause a bit of confusion.

In principle, the Moon is the representative of emotions and the inner world, which is why it is in charge of how we express our feelings and the way in which we assimilate them. This in our natal chart is reflected in the lunar sign.

However, beyond this particular aspect, the Earth’s natural satellite exerts an important force on our energy and we can tune in to it if we know the influence of its phases on ourselves.

What does the new moon symbolize?

Astrologically they symbolize a conjunction, this means that The Moon and the Sun are in the same zodiac sign.he. Their energies merge and project with more force the vibration of the sign where they are located.

In addition, it represents the beginning of the lunar cycle, which is why it is associated with the beginnings, and since the energy of the sign where it occurs is exalted, it helps us to align ourselves with our passions, visions, desires, and wills.

What to do on a new moon?

Think that a new moon is like cultivating a garden, explain astrologers in an article by Woman and Home. It is important to know in which sign and house it occurs because that way we will know what type of seeds to plant. For example, a new moon in Aries, being the first sign of the zodiac, is perfect for manifesting any desire, and a moon in Libra, a sign ruled by Venus, is ideal for love rituals.

What does a full moon symbolize?

The full Moon in astrology represents an aspect of opposition, that is, The Moon is in the opposite sign to the Sun. generating a tense energy that challenges us, and represents the end of the lunar month or the lunar cycle, which is why it is related to endings, culminations and liberations.

The energy of the moon is at its peak, which is why they have a reputation for causing intense emotions.

What to do on a full moon?

It is a powerful moment for evaluate and let go of what is not working for us in life, as well as the perfect time to reap what we sow in a new moon. If we are convinced of what we have achieved, we can continue on the same path, otherwise the universe offers us the opportunity to correct the course.

Rituals for releasing and closing cycles are perfect for these lunations, so if you want to quit a job, leave a relationship, get away from bad habits or patterns, as well as leave behind restrictive thoughts, you have to go to one of them.

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