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New Moon: 5 simple rituals to manifest your intentions

A new moon is the beginning of the lunar cycle and the perfect time to reflect, set intentions and plant the seeds of what we wish to reap in the coming days. Rituals help us manifest what we long for, if you have never done one to take advantage of the energy of the new moons, here we show you some of the simplest, but powerful.

Before we begin, you should know that each cycle of the moon is associated with different stages of our intentions. astrologically, new moons occur when the sun and moon are in the same sign and degree, while full moons are in opposite signs, but to the same degree. This indicates that the cycle of each new moon culminates in its corresponding full moon, which occurs every six months.

Therefore, at new moons we can set short and long term intentions. They are the ideal time to set new goals and launch projects, astrologers explain in a Mind Body Green article. That is why these lunations represent cosmic resets.

new moon rituals

1. Set an intention

This is one of the simplest rituals you can do on a new moon. It consists of taking time to reflect and establish what are your main short-term and long-term intentions. At night, say it out loud to manifest it to the universe and the lunar energy helps you with these purposes.

2. Light a candle

If you are more practical, this ritual is for you. Write your new moon intention on a piece of paper and light a candle of the color that aligns with your desires. Blow out the candle each night and light it on the following nights until the full moon arrives. Astrologers recommend doing this ritual when the new moon falls in fire signs..

3. Spiritual Baths

How will you use the water element, recommended when the new moon occurs in aquatic signs. In a container or if you have a bathtub, do it there, add the herbs and flowers of your choice. Bring to a boil and when it is at room temperature, pour this mixture after a night shower. This ritual serves to eliminate all negativity and start a cycle with recharged spirits.

4. Make moon water

If you want to “capture” the energy of new beginnings and use it on another occasion, the moon water ritual is the most suitable option for you. Fill a container with water, preferably rainwater, and place it outdoors or near your window for the whole new moon night. You can set an intention if you wish. The next morning, the water will be ready for your next rituals.

5. Meditation with quartz

If you have quartz, the new moon is the right time to use it. Wash it with warm water and dry it well, then sit comfortably in an armchair or on the floor on top of a cushion in a lotus position. Place the quartz in your heart and do some breathing exercises. When you are in relaxation, set an intention for that quartz, so it will work as a power tool to achieve your goals.

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