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new look is released! Check how it works

Plans for a new look at Gmail are off the ground. On the last 15th, Google started the phase of distributing the new look to all users who use computers.

It was already possible to notice a new interface, with a more modern appearance and new access to Workspace tools.

What this article covers:

What is Gmail

Gmail works as a free email service. It was created in 2004 by Google and at that time was considered a revolution within the electronic mail market, as it managed to offer more resources than its competition.

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Since 2007, Gmail has been free for everyone who wants an email account. Today, it still draws the attention of many users because of its benefits and advantages.

With Gmail, it is possible to obtain a much larger message storage capacity than other services, with a space of up to 10 GB. In addition, its use is simplified and there is a way to use it through a cell phone. Currently, the service has reached the number of 1.5 billion users across the globe.

How does the new look of Gmail work?

Gmail’s new look gives its users all the Google account options icons on the left side of the screen. By hovering the mouse over the icons, it is possible to have a preview of the options for Meet, Mail, Chat and other applications. This idea came up for expanding the identity of each Google feature.

In addition to this change, Gmail notifications have changed their format. Now, they have the shape of a kind of bubble, which can appear in the lower corner of the screen to warn the user.

These notifications were designed not to disturb any user. Your things can be done normally while the prompts pop up on the screen.

The changes were only applied to the design and layout of shortcuts. There is no significant change regarding the use of Gmail. The service remains simple and easy for anyone to use.

For which accounts has the new skin been released?

So far, Gmail’s new look is optional for all its users. To use it, it is necessary to carry out an activation method provided by Google.

Google hopes that the entire update will be carried out by the end of this year, so the new model can take the place of the old one and be used normally by all its users.

How to Enable Gmail’s New Look

For those who are already interested in the new look, it is necessary to follow the activation steps. This can be done through the quick settings menu. In this tab, the ”Try the new view” button will be available. When clicked, the page is quickly restarted and returns with the new look.

If you do not find this possibility available, you will have to wait a while. Not all accounts had the new Gmail look released. However, your arrival should not be long.

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