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new law approved aims to make life easier for those who want to undertake

The new Economic Freedom Law was approved by the City Council of Rio de Janeiro, this Tuesday, 07/12. The law has several proposals, such as the organization of urban zoning, updated data regarding the city’s economy, formalizing business in an expansive way, facilitating low-risk companies to be opened, for example: barbershops, manicures, restaurants, snack bars, etc…

The proposal causes more jobs to be generated, which will generate more income for the municipality in general. The text will be sanctioned by Mayor Eduardo Paes.

The intention of the proposal is to solve problems in the capital that occur due to the informality of entrepreneurs, due to bureaucracy, outdated data will also be updated in relation to the economy.

In the last four decades, zoning rules already exist in the city, however, the population profile has shown constant differences in recent times. Rio City Hall cannot get an exact number of existing developments in the city.

The Municipal Secretariat for Economic Development points out that innovation should be simplified, through a technical team, through the proposal. The law intends to leverage the legalization of the city, through the formalization of enterprises. The forecast is that, in ten years, the legislation will generate one hundred and fifteen thousand jobs and increase the GDP (Gross Domestic Product) in R$ 4 (four thousand reais) thousand per capita.

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The text says that, economic activities and zoning restrictions for activities with little risk, must have their license extinguished, to facilitate the enterprise through formal business in the city. Low-income areas are also included, through economic and social registration, to service and formalize business for the most needy population, such as slums and communities, according to the secretary, Chicão Bulhões.

The president of the Chamber, Carlo Caiado (DEM), affirms that the project will make the city more attractive, with these incentives, mainly people who intend to open their own business, but who have difficulties in relation to bureaucratic issues.

Eduardo Paes, Mayor of Rio de Janeiro, assured that the law will be sanctioned as soon as possible. The mayor alleges that no activity, such as small businesses, stores and haberdashery should do gymkhana to get a permit.

That this law will make life more flexible for these entrepreneurs, which will be within the law, and mainly, generate more jobs in the city. The law, which was approved at the beginning of the year, with several debates in the chamber, was approved and will be sanctioned as soon as possible – he guaranteed.

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