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New job? Ben Affleck is caught serving coffee and donuts in a Massachusetts establishment

Ben Affleck.

Photo: Vittorio Zunino Celotto. /Getty Images

What a surprise some residents of Medford, Massachusetts, got after the actor Ben Affleck was seen at the drive-thru window at a Dunkin’ Donuts establishment, taking the order from his wife, Jennifer Lopez..

The first look at the actor came to light through the Instagram account of a Medford citizen named Lisa Mackay. The postcard shows the protagonist of ‘Batman’ wearing the Dunkin ‘Donuts uniform while he delivers his favorite drink to his wife.

However, his work as a worker was not limited to JLo, as some clients had the opportunity to be served by Affleck and they stated that “He was quick to respond to their requests and showed great humor when interacting with them,” reported El Imparcial.

Although the reason behind this unusual interaction has not been confirmed so far, The journalist Megan Johnson explained that the appearance of both stars in the donut establishment would be a stagingsince there were cameras recording every step of the famous.

This news did not take long to spread like wildfire through social networks, so speculation about said recording began to spread.

Several Internet users were quick to speculate that everything was part of the recording of a promotional ad for ‘Donkin’ Donuts’ that will be broadcast during the next broadcast of the Super Bowl, and what better way to use the couple of the moment, Bennifer, for this occasion .

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