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New INSS 2022 rules for payroll loans: See now!

As for the year 2022, the INSS will have new rules. The margin released for payroll loans will be 35%, as had happened before, for beneficiaries and public servants. For more explanations, let’s dig deeper into the topic below:

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What are the new INSS 2022 rules for payroll loans?

With the new rule, the percentage of loan payments goes back to 30%. But the percentages that are destined to debits in relation to expenses or credit card withdrawals continue with the 5% margin.

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In 2021, the Federal Government expanded the assignable margin, which rose to 40%. Law nº 14.1331/2012 was applied in March. The purpose of the law is to reduce the economic impacts caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. However, there are no forecasts that there will be legislative extensions.

Until December 2021, there will be a suspension of up to 4 months, from 2022, suspensions will not be mandatory. Next year, the loan period changes from 6 years to 7 years and the grace period is reduced from 90 to 30 days.

Do the new INSS 2022 rules apply to all beneficiaries?

The new INSS rules apply to retirees, INSS pensioners and civil servants. These beneficiaries will have until 12/31/2021 to make the commitment of the benefit to the current image effective.

Those interested in making the payroll loan agreement through the INSS they should check together with the bank or finance company, the possibilities of suspension and whether interest and fees change with the postponement.

How is a payroll loan made?

Payroll is carried out as follows: the installments are directly deducted from the salary or retirement, causing part of the income to be committed before the money enters the account. That’s why you should think hard before making any type of contract, otherwise it could increase your expenses and make future planning more difficult.

Those who are insured by the social security agency have, until the end of the year, the opportunity to take out up to nine loans from different institutions, if there is no excess in the assignable margin limit of forty percent of the benefit. Previously, the active contract limit was six.

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