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New controversy! Pepe Aguilar fights in networks to defend Roger Waters

Pepe Aguilar once again sparked controversy on social networks after taking sides in a new and intense lawsuit among the members of Pink Floyd, David Gilmour and Roger Waters. This is how unheard of the fight that the famous singer of “Mujeres como tú” starred.

But his defense was “weak” because he was overwhelmed by the fans since they did not consider him an authorized voice to get into this type of subject, regardless of his great career in music.

The one that started this controversy It was Polly Samson, wife of David Gilmour, who launched a tweet calling Roger Waters “anti-Semitic, liar, thief, hypocrite, tax evader, envious, megalomaniac, misogynist and apologist for Vladimir Putin” and these words were endorsed by the Pink Floyd vocalist and guitarist.

But these attacks by the media couple were not spontaneous, but their reaction to an interview in which Rogers Waters described the United States as one of the main drivers in the Ukrainian-Russian War.

And the statement that was most scandalous was that he assured that he would like to hear what Vladimir Putin has to say to stop the war.

As expected, Polly Samson’s tweet sparked all kinds of reactions and Pepe Aguilar did not want to be left without giving his opinion and used his official Twitter account to come out in defense of Roger Waters, where he wrote a post in his defense.

“Polly Samson, ‘unfortunately’ no one gives a damn what your opinion is, especially when it comes to disrespectfully criticizing a real artist and activist like Mr. Waters”

After Pepe Aguilar’s response to the words of David Gilmour’s wife, the detractors of the son of “Charro de México” They did not miss the opportunity and issued strong criticisms against the singer for taking sides in a lawsuit in which he has nothing to do.

The mariachi came out as a communist”, “Don’t say nonsense”, “You have no idea who Polly Samson is”, “Waters says that you won’t even run into it”, “Now sit down, Mr. Charro”, “What you have as a big man you have as a thought …” and “You are not going to throw it out” They were just some of the comments that originated from Pepe Aguilar’s comment about the lawsuit between the members of Pink Floyd.

It should be remembered that Ángela Aguilar’s father did not remain silent in the face of criticism and took the time to respond to the insults and comments of some of his detractors.

This is not the first time that the singer has been involved in a controversy, because in every scandal involving his daughter, Ángela Aguilar, he always comes out in his defense and sometimes makes things worse.

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