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New CNH starts to be issued this Wednesday (1st); see what changes

What changes in the CNH?

New CNH starts to be issued this Wednesday
Model of the new National Driver’s License (CNH). Image: Ministry of Infrastructure/National Traffic Council/Reproduction

An international code was incorporated that is also used in passports. The feature will allow accessing English and French versions of the driver’s license, which will make it easier to use the document in other countries.


It is worth noting that these changes were already foreseen since December 2021 by Resolution No. 886, which regulates specifications, production and the issuance of CNH.

The resolution also specifies that the new version of the driver’s license will have to include a table to identify which categories of vehicles the driver is able to drive, as well as information about the exercise of paid activity as a driver and medical restrictions.

Finally, the new CNH, as seen in the image above, will also adopt yellow in addition to the traditional green, as well as new graphic elements to make fraud more difficult. The document can be sent in physical and/or digital format.

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Do I need to replace my driver’s license?

Not. Replacement will not be mandatory. For now, the changes will only apply to those who will take their license. The idea is that the changes occur naturally as drivers who are already licensed renew or request a duplicate document.

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