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New audio service from Oddset helps supporters dream

In connection with the start of the Swedish Cup’s group stage, Oddset has launched a new audio service “Dreams of Europe”. The new service consists of AI-generated radio reports where a commentator, based on artificial intelligence, lets supporters dream about how their team will win the cup and secure European games for the summer.

“Dreams of Europe” consists of 32 dreamy radio reports produced for supporters of each of the teams that qualified for the Swedish Cup’s group stage. The minutes can be listened to via www.drömmaromeuropa.se.

– The Swedish Cup is a unique chance for teams from the entire league system to make it all the way to a European adventure. Every supporter’s wet dream is to see their team play in Europe and with the help of technology it has now been possible to put that dream into words, says Jonas Nilsson, PR manager at Svenska Spel Sport & Casino.

The audio tracks consist of English commentators referencing the upcoming matches for each team in the Swedish Cup, where each team in the report wins the remaining six matches and makes it to European play. The service has been created with the help of AI that has predicted the events of all matches and generated detailed radio reports of all match events, from the kick-off of the first match until the referee blows the final whistle.

Can make supporters dream for real

Each team’s six-game radio coverage is 540 minutes long, which is the equivalent of a good night’s sleep. Namely, research shows that an average night consists of four to six sleep cycles, with each cycle lasting an average of 90 minutes (plus supplements). The minutes are therefore read out by an AI commentator in a calm and pleasant voice, accompanied by peaceful background sounds, so that whoever wants can be lulled to sleep while listening to how the European place is secured.

– Many people listen to podcasts to wind down in the evening and who doesn’t want to fall asleep to the sound of their favorite team winning a cup title? That way you can come to kick-off rested and see the night’s hopeful dreams about Europe come true on the plane the next day, says Jonas Nilsson.

Facts about “Dreams of Europe”

“Dreams of Europe” is to date the most comprehensive OpenAI production in Sweden and within the football world.

Which matches and respective teams play in the simulation after the already drawn group stage phase (quarter-final, semi-final and final) have been developed with the help of odds from Oddset. The audio tracks have then been created by feeding OpenAI’s GPT-3 the expected line-ups for each team’s six matches and instructions to write simulated reports. A total of 192 matches. A total of about 2.9 million words. About as much as in 4 books of the Bible. The texts have then been interpreted by a speech synthesizer that has generated 32 audio tracks. A total of 17,280 minutes (288 hours).

The 32 unique soundtracks (one for each team in the Swedish Cup) are available at https://drommaromeuropa.se/ to listen to from the night until Saturday, February 18, when the first round of the group stage in the Swedish Cup is played.

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