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New animated series and seasons are announced

The Star Wars Celebration 2022 event has come to an end, and it brought the announcement of several new series and seasons of animation productions from the Star Wars universe.

Although the announcements of live-action productions, such as “Skeleton Crew”, which will star Jude Law, drew the most attention, animated series were also highlighted at the event.


Among these announcements is “Young Jedi Adventures”, a joint production between Disney+ and Disney Jr. aimed at children. Details of the series were revealed last Friday by Michael Olson and the companies’ creative team.

The production will take place in the High Republic Era and will follow the journeys of future Jedi as they begin to learn the ways of the Force. “Young Jedi Adventures” has children as its target audience, but it was explained that the series will bring new details about the existing universe in the High Republic, the era where the height of the Jedi’s power took place.

Another production that stood out at Star Wars Celebration 2022 was “Tales of the Jedi”, an animated anthology series that takes place during the prequel saga to “Star Wars”, following familiar characters like Ahsoka Tano and Count Dooku.

On the other hand, there are no great details about the next season of “Star Wars: Visions”, however it has already been revealed by Lucasfilm that this next wave of episodes will include projects from several production companies outside of Japan. There will still be some Japanese anime in the series, but Season 2 promises to include episodes from South Korea, France, Spain, India, the UK, Ireland, and South Africa.

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“Tales of the Jedi” arrives on Disney+ between September and December 2023. “Young Jedi Adventures” is scheduled for release between March and May 2023, and “Star Wars: Visions” will receive its 2nd season in 2023.

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