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New AI can produce an age limit before the film is recorded

All films that are shot are given an age limit before being shown in cinemas. It is something we are all used to and it affects our lives after all. Now, however, there is an AI, artificial intelligence, which can produce an age limit on the film based on the script and before the film has even been shot. Something that has not been possible before. Because it is, after all, a pretty unique thing to produce an AI to perform.

Researchers have fed a neural network with 992 different movie scripts. Based on these scripts, their AI can then determine the age limit based on elements of violence, sex and abuse.

A concept that makes it possible to determine the age limit that a film will have even before it is recorded. To then be adapted or changed to suit the intended target group. Which can sometimes be completely different than where the age limit has been set. Something that has led to films not being as popular or successful as thought.

AI opens up completely new possibilities

Artificial intelligence is a concept that can really make a big difference in the world. That an AI can look at a film script and based on this set an age limit can be decisive in several ways. Because there is, after all, a lot that this technology can be used for. Creating an age limit based on a certain type of information can be used for other similar situations. Where information is calculated based on certain given data. Which can affect a lot in the world and above all when it comes to processing different data and setting it up in an efficient way.

After all, it is not a great success that an AI can produce an age limit based on a script, but it clearly shows what an AI can be useful for. Something which, after all, in turn can affect much more than we think it should. After all, the world needs more tools to perform advanced calculations and to process data.

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