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Neutral bedroom decoration for children: tips

It is quite common for parents, when planning the baby room decor or the older child, opt for certain colors that are conventionally classified as boy colors or girl colors. Of course, everything looks beautiful and childlike, but it is possible to put together a beautiful children’s room with neutral decor🇧🇷 See some tips.

Neutral room, with a mix of colors (Photo: Disclosure)

What this article covers:

Neutral colors here do not necessarily mean white, black or beige. They can be other colors and objects that do not discriminate against masculinity or femininity, by convention.

In the bedroom above, for example, we opted for a light-colored wooden floor, for the bedside wall in an earthy tone and, in the rest of the environment, several other colors were mixed together. They are tones that can be used in rooms that cater for boys and girls🇧🇷

It is also worth highlighting the style of the chosen objects. There are no dolls or cars that, in general, divide the genders. There are balls, mats in the form of circles, neutral (but childish) pictures, stars, etc. It is a type of decoration that can be used for babies or for older children.

Neutral room, with yellow, pastel blue and prints (Photo: Disclosure)

In this image, we see a children’s room with more delicate and fun decor, but neutral. It is a room for babies, where soft tones of blue, yellow, as well as white and colorful children’s prints were used. Yellow is a neutral color for kids room, as it can be used for both boys and girls. The objects used can also be considered neutral, which are animal figures.

White color for children’s room

Generally, parents do not choose to white in children’s room decor🇧🇷 That’s because, commonly, children make dirt and this color is more difficult to clean. However, parents who don’t worry about this and want a pleasant and bright environment can combine the elements in countless ways.

White is, par excellence, the most neutral. With it, you can opt for countless other colors, in objects and special details, without visually polluting the environment. Observe the image below:

Neutral room, where white predominates (Photo: Disclosure)

It is about a completely neutral children’s room, for which the color white was chosen in almost all of it. The laminated wood floor added warmth to the room. The neutrality of the walls and even the furniture ends up highlighting other objects, such as the books on the shelf, the blue rug, the wall stickers and even the lamp. It is a decoration that conveys a lot of peace and a feeling of cleanliness.

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