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Netflix would launch subscription with advertising on November 1 • ENTER.CO

Netflix has been preparing its subscription plan with advertising for a few months and we already have a date for this. Some information without official confirmation (comes from advertising buyers) say that this plan would be announced on November 1.

According to The Wall Street Journal, the company is working to define the best price that the brands that advertise here will pay. Netflix decided to offer an ad-supported subscription tier due to the drop in the number of subscribers to the platform. The first negative report in almost a decade.

The goal of the platform is that advertisers pay an adequate value for the advertising that is broadcast. Some advertising testers say that Netflix expects great interest in this type of advertising. Several company executives held a meeting with brands interested in placing the ads. It is estimated that Netflix would charge $65 for reaching 1,000 viewers. This model is known as CPM or cost per thousand.

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This value has seemed substantially higher than what other platforms charge for a similar service. Netflix has incorporated several innovations into its products, for example, it recently integrated mini video games into its app and even gave them new features to make them more social.

In fact, the integration of a plan with advertising is to have a lower price that allows you to recover subscribers. At the same time, the idea is to get more revenue from ads. The changes that have occurred in Netflix since the announcement of this plan have been many. One of his shrewdest moves was teaming up with Microsoft to do the launch and also hiring Siesta Inc. to run his advertising push.

The date of November 1 is not confirmed. This in view of what had been reported that the launch would be in early 2023. An interesting fact about the advertising purchase proposal is that Netflix would seek to limit the amount that each brand can spend to 20 million dollars per year. With this, it seeks to guarantee that a brand does not advertise too much on its platform.

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