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Netflix will turn Pinochet into a vampire • ENTER.CO

Today, Netflix Chile announced through its official Instagram account that the filming of “El Conde” has already begun. The feature film is responsible for reviving Augusto Pinochet, the most famous dictator in Chile, but it will have a rather peculiar twist, since we will see the dictator as a Count, a vampire.

The story of the film deals with Pinochet’s life after death, that is, in the production, Augusto Pinochet has not died; he is an old vampire who after 250 years wandering the world, decided to die forever. The family conflicts and the loss of prestige he is going through lead him to several ailments. The tape promises a black comedy film loaded with many historical elements.

The film will be directed by Pablo Larraín, known for films like “No”, “Neruda” and “El club”. Larraín will share credits in the script with Guillermo Calderón, his regular collaborator with whom he worked on Neruda and El club. Finally, the film will be produced by Juan de Dios Larraín.

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Although we still do not know many details about this new production, we do know that the main roles will be occupied by: Jaime Vadell (No, three sad tigers) and Gloria Münchmeyer (42 days in the dark), both actors will play the central marriage of the story. Alfredo Castro and Paula Luchsinger will also participate in the cast.

Pablo Larraín argued about the new production: “We are very happy since Netflix is ​​a place where directors whom I greatly admire have filmed very valuable films. From black comedy we want to observe, understand and analyze the events that have occurred in Chile and the world in the last 50 years. We have every confidence to do a good job and it will undoubtedly be an adventure: a strenuous shoot, but very inspiring and meaningful”.

Image: Netflix Chile

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