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Netflix will now make a reality show inspired by ‘The Squid Game’ • ENTER.CO

Apparently Netflix learned the wrong lesson from ‘The Squid Game’.

The streaming platform announced today a new series with the name of ‘The Squid Game: Challenger’. The series will field a total of 456 players to compete for a $4.56 million dollar prize pool. Netflix has used this to ensure that it is the largest prize in the history of TV (a fact that can easily be denied considering that they have not confirmed if the payment is only for first place and even then the X Factor surpasses them with bags of up to five million dollars).

According to Netflix, as in the Korean show, the participants will be put into different competitions to compete for the final prize. Considering that it will only have 10 chapters, we assume that the competitions will also seek to eliminate as many people as possible. Of course, Netflix’s promise is that the show will have ‘twists and twists’, so we’re guessing most of the effort will be on finding competition that translates to good (or bad) TV.

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Of course, the appeal that a Hunger Games contest can have is understandable. Shortly after the premiere of the show, a dozen games tried to reproduce the charm of a massive competition for a huge prize. Not only this, but YouTube creators like Mr. Beast have also launched their own version of the competition.

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