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Netflix will be able to detect if you share your password with the new Adobe tool

Netflix announced, a few months ago, that it will no longer be possible to share the password of the accounts with other users who are not within the same house. Everyone’s question is how will Netflix verify that a password is not being shared? Yes, through the IP address but it is still not very clear how.

Now, Adobe has announced a new tool that can fix Netflix and other streaming issues: Adobe Primetime Account IQ. The app came with the goal of giving streaming services the option to “identify and understand credential sharing activity, measure the impact of applying actions, and effectively monetize subscriber behavior.”

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The company explains that the application will work with Artificial Intelligence (AI) to “track” the behavior of users, in this way it deduces with sufficient certainty when a password is being shared. “Account IQ data analytics powered by Adobe Sensei, artificial intelligence and machine learning technology from Adobe, uses multiple ML (Machine Learning)-based models to accurately characterize usage patterns and provides providers with of streaming video services valuable information about subscribers.

According to Adobe, 4 out of 10 Americans use someone else’s account; while 29% of accounts that include two screens are shared between two different households. This is what Netflix wants to avoid. Because of this, platforms like Amazon Prime, HBO Max, Netflix, Disney Plus, etc. they lose at least $25 billion a year. If these services use Adobe Primetime Account IQ, they will be able to, in addition to recovering (part of) that money, better understand users and identify shared keys, at least that’s what Adobe thinks. According to the company, this is an effective way to monetize user behavior.

Image: Adobe

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