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Netflix wants to save its mobile games with new features

Netflix wants to save its mobile games at all costs. To do this, the platform is implementing a series of functions that allow users to be motivated to use them.

Recall that a few weeks ago it was known that less than 1% of Netflix users were using mobile games. A disappointing result for the streaming platform that has been investing in this type of content. But now he wants to revive the fever for mobile games. In fact, last month it quietly rolled out a feature called “game IDs” in a subset of its mobile games, including Into The Breach. This was followed by Bowling Ballers, Mahjong Solitaire and Heads Up!.

The “game identifier” is like a unique public name for playing games on Netflix. The first tests began on the Into The Breach game on July 19, 2022, before expanding the option to other titles.

It now comes with other features such as increased gaming ambitions, including the ability to invite other users to play with you and a feature that would allow you to see your ranking on the leaderboards, among other things. In a statement sent to Techcrunch.com, Netflix confirmed that they are exploring various game features, but did not elaborate.

Kumiko Hidaka, a spokesperson for Netflix, said that their purpose as a company is. “Seeking improvements to our members’ experience on the service and we are exploring different features to enrich the mobile gaming experience.” So the company knows that it’s not just about making mobile games, but about thinking ahead. Netflix wants to find a game that encourages you to participate with other users.

In addition, this information comes after knowing some moves. It became known that this platform is hiring engineers and product managers with cloud gaming experience. There is no doubt that Netflix wants to save its mobile games and to achieve this it is going to implement many other features. Among them, the possibility for users to show others if they are online, if they want to play and also the possibility to invite members to play with them.

Image: Karolina Grabowska at Pexels.com

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