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Netflix premieres in August 2022 • ENTER.CO

Fly a kite? With the cold of August, the best plan is not to float a piece of plastic or cloth, but to stay at home doing a marathon. Sadly Stranger Things is over… so is there anything else to watch on Netflix next month to save us from kite tedium? About. There are some interesting new releases on Netflix next month… but at the end of the day it’s a matter of luck if you decide to watch them.

There is for example Sandman, which is one of Netflix’s most ambitious projects by adapting the legendary graphic novel. We also have the return of Cuphead with its second season, taking advantage of the boom in attention that the premiere of its DLC has had. When it comes to movies, there are few surprises, except for the arrival of Top Gun and the first Mission: Impossible (in case you want to do a Tom Cruise marathon).

Without further delay, these are the Netflix releases in August 2022.


August 5


After years of confinement, Dream, the King of Dreams, embarks on a journey to another world to find what was stolen from him and recover his powers.

August 8

instant makeover

August 10

Locke & Key: Season 3

In the final chapter of the series, the Locke family discovers more magic as they face a demonic rival who wants the keys at all costs.

August 12

Never Have I Ever: Season 3

Netflix premieres

Devi and her friends have finally stopped being single. But they’re about to learn that relationships involve a lot of self-discovery…and drama.

an exemplary family

August 17

where there was fire

August 19


Ever since they were little girls, a pair of twins secretly exchanged lives. But their world falls apart when one of them disappears.

Glow Up: Season 4


August 24

Ollie is lost

Inspired by the book “Ollie’s Odyssey”, this family series follows the adventures faced by a toy and its owner to meet again.

Selling The OC


August 26

Maloof Workshop

Coming soon

race to success

Ingrid Yun struggles to become a partner in a prestigious New York law firm without leaving behind romance, friendship, family… or her principles.


August 1

Top Gun: Passion and Glory

Mission Impossible

August 3

What fault is karma?

Netflix premieres

Her sister and the boy she liked in school start dating. Now Sara wonders if her supposed bad luck is her real culprit.

August 4

wedding season

August 5

The Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Movie

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles put their mystical powers to the test when ruthless otherworldly creatures seek to unleash extreme mayhem.

August 8

Code: Emperor

August 10

the song of the heart

Ted Bundy: The Final Confession


August 12

Day shift

A vampire hunter has a week to raise the money to pay for his daughter’s education and braces. Making a living could kill him.

13: The Musical

August 17

my two lives

At her college graduation, Natalie’s life is divided into parallel realities after taking a pregnancy test. What will her future hold?

August 24

together they are dynamite

August 25

The scandal

The scandal

Three women risk their careers and expose the toxic workplace culture perpetuated by the powerful boss of a major American news network.

that’s love

August 26

Time for me

I TIME. (L-R) Mark Wahlberg as Huck, Regina Hall as Maya, Kevin Hart as Sonny in Me Time. Credit Saeed Adyani/Netflix © 2022.

With his family away, a family man takes advantage of his first lonely days in years to reunite with an old friend…a party animal.

effervescent seoul

August 29

The boss

Netflix premieres

An intelligence agent tasked with incriminating a politician with no dirty laundry must decide if there are still lines he won’t cross.

The price of the truth

Documentaries and specials

August 2nd

Ricardo Quevedo: Tomorrow will be worse

August 3

Total Bust: Woodstock 99

Made in Mexico

August 10

The Thieves: The True Story of the Robbery of the Century

August 11

My lifeline: Leo’s story

August 16

Uncovered: Volume 2

August 18

In the mind of a cat

August 30

I am a killer: Season 3

August 31

America vs. America


August 4

Kakegurui Twin

August 11

DOTA: Dragon Blood – Book 3

August 18

Tekken: Lineage

August 25

Rilakkuma goes to the theme park

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