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Netflix launches its first Stranger Things NFT collection • ENTER.CO

In recent months, several companies have decided to join the NFT market, one of the business sectors that is moving the most. On the other hand, the last season of Stranger Things that Netflix released a few weeks ago broke the record for people watching the series simultaneously. Now, what do you think NFTs and Stranger Things have in common? …exactly, a collection in between.

In view of the rage that both products have, Netflix made the decision to release an NFT collection of Stranger Things. To do this, the streaming platform joined forces with the digital collections company Candy Entertainment. Said like this, Netflix joins companies like Reddit, Limewire and Spotify, who have also entered the NFT collections a few days ago.

The announcement of the new collection of Eleven and the gang was announced a few days ago, however, the sale began today, July 14, as Candy Entertainment announced on its Twitter account. The new NFT collection dedicated to Stranger Things, Netflix’s flagship series, is called “The upside down series”.

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“These are 17 limited edition posters of your favorite Stranger Things characters, all sold in a mystery box (meaning you won’t know which poster you’ll get until you open the mystery box) for $11 each,” Candy commented. as reported on the French news portal Phonandroid.

Also, both companies will offer 99 ‘Hellfire club’ packages, referring to the D&D club of Eddie, Mike, Lucas and Dustin from season 4 of Stranger Things. Each of the packages will cost $275 dollars and includes 17 posters of the characters in the series. Netflix expects to sell 11,111 posters in total. The sale of the NFTs is expected to start today until next July 20 or while supplies last. You can get the collections on the official page of Netflix and Candy Entertainment.

Image: Netflix/Candy

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