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Nequi’s function that will save you from sending money to the wrong person • ENTER.CO

Although Nequi is one of the most used applications for money transfers, thanks to how intuitive it is, I have heard several cases of people who, due to their confusion and/or not confirming the data of the person to whom they are going to send the money, they end up sending it to the wrong person. If you are one of these users, we tell you that Nequi has developed the perfect function so that you will not make a mistake again.

Until now, the app did not have any functionality that would allow you to verify the data of the person to whom you will send the money; simply, when you are going to send, you have the option of confirming the person’s number yourself and that’s it. With the new function called ‘data preview’, you will be able to see “the recipient’s partially encrypted or masked name”; this way you can be sure that you will send the money to the right person.

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You will not have to access any other button or section to have this option. You enter the button with the peso symbol from where you always send money, click ‘send’ and carry out the normal procedure to send money. When the app asks you to confirm where the money will come from, you will see the confirmation card of the number to which you will send the money; when they confirm this, you will see the ‘confirm number’ card, you will see the (partial) name of the person to whom the money will be sent so you can check their identity.

Please note that for security and privacy reasons, the app cannot display the recipient’s full name. Likewise, if you want to have this useful function, you must have the application updated. But this is not the only improvement that Nequi is bringing to the app. In order to maintain the more than 10 million users they currently have, they also included the option to generate your own QR code, which you can send to those who will send you money; this is one of the functions also created to avoid confusion in shipments.

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