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Nequi finally separates from Bancolombia, what changes will it have? • ENTER.CO

Since December of last year, we knew that Nequi would separate from Bancolombia. At that time, the entity announced that the board of directors had already authorized the separation. Finally, the authorization process before the Financial Superintendence ended on August 1. Since then, Bancolombia began with the formal constitution and commercial registration of the corporation Nequi SA and finally, on September 16, the Financing Company was established as such.

“Nequi SA Compañía de Financiamiento will operate as a 100% digital credit establishment seeking to offer its clients an experience of financial and non-financial services from third parties, in an agile and simple way,” the mobile transaction app reported. Perhaps for many it does not make sense for Nequi to separate, taking into account that he will continue to work under the interests of Bancolombia. The truth is that the company sought its independence as a Financial Company to provide a more agile service in terms of meeting the needs of users and changes in the market.

“Operatingly, financing companies have been characterized by having a light and agile structure that enables an also agile and efficient administration, so there is great flexibility to adapt to market conditions and promptly meet customer requirements” , argue from the Association of Financing Companies (AFIC).

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What changes will Nequi have?

The short answer is: nothing. The company maintains that users will be able to have peace of mind regarding the money they currently have within the app. Nequi would continue to function as a digital platform that allows fast and secure transactions. Likewise, Bancolombia explained that the services, products and functions of the application will not be affected by the independence of the company.

Taking into account the objective that the company set when separating from Bancolombia, we should have a much more stable application and faster response to user requests. Well, this is one of the main objectives of the now financial company: to be more agile in the service and response to customer requests.

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