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Nequi closed hundreds of accounts with bad usage practices • ENTER.CO

Nequi, the digital financial platform that already hosts more than 13 million users, has countless daily complaints on social networks. The main reasons why users report is because the platform is down, because money has been deducted for no reason from the respective accounts and now, one more has been added: a massive closure of accounts.

Faced with this situation, the financial platform commented that a massive closure of accounts had indeed been carried out. If your account fell into the closures, it is due to bad practices of use, as explained by Nequi. “After a meticulous analysis carried out by Nequi’s Security and Audit area, and following the company’s internal security policies, Nequi has decided to close the accounts that presented bad practices in the use, management and/or receipt of silver. This for the benefit of the safety of others and ensuring the well-being of 13 million users”, reported the platform.

Through Twitter, several users began to report that their money did not appear in the account or that their account had simply been deleted. Of course, the main concern is what about my money? One user even raised the possibility of denouncing the entity before the Financial Superintendence of Colombia, which was “endorsed” by Senator Angelica Lozano.

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In order to bring calm to the hundreds of users, Nequi announced the closure of accounts through his official Twitter. Likewise, they have gone through each trill in which they were mentioned, responding to the user complaints. The platform also clarified that the people whose account was closed were previously notified via email.

“The closure of your Nequi does not imply a loss of available money. The money is safe with Nequi and users with blocked accounts can make a request through our official channels, or respond to the email they initially received, so that the amount they had is paid to them in another account of their choice, the the same day they request it” they explained from Nequi. However, user complaints reflect that the email seems not to have reached all those affected.


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