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Neptune retrograde 2022: what are its effects on your zodiac sign

Neptune, the planet associated with illusions, desires and dreams, began its retrograde transit this Tuesday, June 28. and will become direct again until next December 3. This means that its effects will be impacting the signs of the zodiac for 5 months, although they will do so gradually as it is an outer planet.

A retrograde in astrology refers to the apparent change of a planet’s orbit. From our perspective on Earth it appears to be receding on its axis, however this is just an optical illusion.

When Neptune is retrograde, the cloud of dreams dissipates and we face reality.. It is the opportunity to choose attainable goals and abandon those that are an illusion. This planet also regulates psychic perception, so it is time to let ourselves be guided by our intuition.

Neptune Retrograde Effects on Zodiac Signs

The mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces) they will be the ones to feel this transit the most, noted astrologer Lisa Stardust in a review for Astrology.com. They will have major existential crises around the direction their future will take.

The fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius) They won’t feel the effects as much as mutable signs, however, they will be evaluating their financial and creative situation that they will take from now on.

The cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn) they will find in their dreams the inspiration they need to achieve their most ambitious goals.

Impact of Neptune retrograde on each zodiac sign


You must pay attention to the dreams you present, there you will find clarity, understanding and the keys to your future, according to the horoscope of Astrology.com.


It will be difficult to talk about your feelings in front of your friends because they can be confusing. It is important that you say what you really feel to heal misunderstandings.


The vision of your future work could be clouded. Taking a break from work and chatting with your friends about your career path will give you the clarity you need to choose the right path.


New beliefs will collide with old habits and traditions. Neptune retrograde is the perfect opportunity to balance these two aspects and choose wisely the ideology you want to adopt going forward.


You will discover that it is impossible to make everyone happy. Although his heart is big and generous, it has limits. During this cycle you will be wiser to decide when yes and when no.


The doors of the past will open to let in an old friendship. The recommendation is to live in the present and leave behind the illusions of the past. Virgo must move on.


Work overload begins to take its toll on Libra. Neptune retrograde is the perfect time to kick back and relax. Incorporate in your routine revitalizing baths and periods of rest during your workday.


In matters of love, Scorpio will have to try harder to find the person of their dreams. If he doesn’t want to align himself with someone, he can take advantage of this sensitive impulse to stimulate his creativity.


A change in attitude can lead you to find people with whom you can settle down for the long haul. On the other hand, it is a good time to add spiritual activities to your daily routine to connect with your emotions.


If you pay attention to what others say you can find truth in these sayings. People’s opinion will help you make decisions.


Neptune retrograde will dispel Aquarius’ cloudy financial fantasies. It will be time to establish healthy savings habits and seek help to strengthen personal finances.


People will see only what they want from Pisces. This sign must take advantage of this attention to project a positive image, however, it may show a face that is not real. The suggestion is not to live all the time in a fantasy world.

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