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Neptune in astrology: how this planet influences your natal chart

One of the planets that plays a very important role in our lives is Neptune. Although it is one of the furthest from Earth (it is 2,800 million miles) it has a transcendent meaning for our natal chart, astrologers explain.

Neptune in astrology symbolizes fantasy, dreams, illusions, dreams and rules the entire mystical realm.. It is an outer planet considered generational because it takes 165 years to move through the entire Zodiac, so its influence marks entire epochs. No human being lives long enough to see its full cycle.

Right now we are in one of the most positive moments of Neptune because since 2011 he has been transiting through Pisces, his domicile or governed sign. In 2025 we will experience a generational change once it has completed its complete journey through the Zodiac and enters Aries.

What influence does Neptune have on your birth chart?

The location of Neptune in your natal chart reveal your level of connection with spirituality, creativity, divinity and mysticism. It reveals how we break the limits of our beliefs and dissolve structures.

As this planet moves very slowly through the Zodiac it is easier to interpret its effects on your life. according to the astrological House it occupies in your natal chartas explained by the astrologer Aliza Kelly in an article written for The Cut.

To find out, go to an online birth chart generator (like the one at LosArcanos.com) and see which house Neptune is in. Once you know it, check in the following table what his influence is in your life.

Neptune in the First House: You have intuition in personal identity and freedom.
Neptune in the Second House: your intuition is located in your established resources and values.
Neptune in the Third House: intuition is found in communication and culture.
Neptune in the Fourth House: you show intuition through family and generational healing.
Neptune in the Fifth House: Your intuitive energy comes through artistic expression and romance.
Neptune in the Sixth House: You have intuition in physical health and daily habits.
Neptune in the Seventh House: you develop intuition in society and contracts.
Neptune in the Eighth House: You are very attached to the metaphysical and memories.
Neptune in the Ninth House: you explore your intuition in travel and philosophy.
Neptune in the Tenth House: insight through career and legacy.
Neptune in the Eleventh House: you develop intuition in technology and the community.
Neptune in the Twelfth House: you exploit your intuition through meditation and solitude.

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