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Negotiate debt with Nubank: Learn how!

Negotiating Nubank debt is something that can be done in less than 10 minutes directly from your sofa at home, without the need to carry out a dialogue with any agent. All you have to do is have the application installed on your cell phone to access it and be able to check information about the delay in your invoice, and the ways in which you can pay.

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If there is a problem when paying your Nubank invoice, learn about the possibility of negotiating directly through the application. Just check the message written with “Balance in Delay”, and below you will have the option to “Pay in cash”, choose this option and generate your slip. You will need to enter your password, do so and check your e-mail if the payment slip has been sent, but there is the possibility of paying it online, if that is your preference.

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If you prefer to pay in installments, just go to the credit card option, open Options and Install Balance. Then choose the amount you can make a down payment on, enter the number of installments and the date. Just confirm all the information and Finalize Agreement, so that your ticket can be generated.

How does the Nubank credit card work?

Unlike other credit cards, Nubank’s card does not charge its customers annual fees, nor fees for carrying out maintenance on their account. All customers are able to control the amounts that are spent directly on the cell phone, through notifications sent to the device.

How can I apply for my card?

You can ask for your credit card directly in the Nubankif you have a pre-approved limit, just choose a limit that is determined by fintech, decide on a due date for the invoice, choose the password and digitally sign on the app screen.

Using the Nubank account is practical and simple for everyone, as all problems can be solved directly through the application, in a simple and brief way. If you feel any doubts, you can contact the attendants to assist you in the best possible way.

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