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Natti Natasha shows how Raphy Pina’s Christmas was in prison with an unpublished photo

Natti Natasha and Raphy Pina.

Photo: Rodrigo Varela / Getty Images

Tremendous surprise took the public after the Dominican singer Natti Natasha turned to her Instagram account to share a photo of her husband raphy pina from prison celebrating Christmas.

As expected, said postcard caused an instant stir among his digital community, since the businessman is currently in a North Carolina prison, serving a 41-month sentence for illegal possession of weapons in Puerto Rico.

The photograph, originally posted from the producer’s official Instagram account, showed Raphy Pina as he posed with arms folded and staring at the camera next to a Christmas tree.

“Today this ‘Danger to society’ and ‘Risk of Flight’ have to spend Christmas like all Bandits. A criminal accusation that only affected the victims that even here I will continue to care for and protect with my LIFE. This event has taken away all my Fortune. Ironic right? that I am still more of a billionaire, all the assets are balanced, my ship is still waiting for me in the marina, I keep all of that, intact, so you must understand that I am not talking about that FORTUNE. I am talking about FORTUNE that cannot be acquired with money or luxuries, but with the love that you give your loved ones from the bottom of your heart”, reads the description.

“I am and I will be fine in this past day, and counting to return to being ME the one you see on the networks… Merry Christmas,” wrote Raphy Pina to end his message.

It should be noted that the publication did not take long to fill with dozens of likes and comments in which fans and one or another celebrity decided to dedicate words of encouragement to him during this Christmas season.

Such was the case of the reggaeton artists Yandel and Baby Rasta, who wished him a “Merry Christmas”, while his digital community dedicated messages to him such as:

“Nothing easy but everything will happen and life will return triple happy moments you can’t even imagine”; “Outside there is a great community waiting for you. We want to see you free yaaaaaa” and “There is no date that is not met, just think that you are on vacation”, reads the network.

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