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Natti Natasha and the controversial demand that will make Raphy Pina sign while he is in jail. Can he do it? | VIDEO

One more time Natti Natasha He gave the note with his recent statements that he gave regarding his sexual life.

Because her husband, the producer raphy pina She has been in jail for several months, the Dominican confessed that they have not been intimate, so now that she is released from prison she will ask her to sign a contract to do it every day, because for her it is a kind of hobby.

Natti and Raphy, who owns his record label called Pina Records, confirmed their relationship at the end of January 2021.

And by February of that same year, after the singer won a Lo Nuestro Award in the Tropical Song of the Year category, she made her pregnancy public. On May 22, 2021, they welcomed their first daughter, Vida Isabelle, at South Miami Hospital, in the United States.

The interpreter of songs like “Without pajamas” and “The best version of me”, was invited a few days ago to a radio station in New Yorkand surprised by giving intimate details about her sex life with her husband.

The Dominican revealed that her hobby was having relationships with her partner every daywho is currently in prison for violation of federal weapons law in the United States.

“Every day we had sex, jury, jury, of course we did”said Natti Natasha, surprising the announcers, who could not help but be shocked by the information.

Well, the singer also warned that now that her partner is released from prison, she will ask him to sign a contract for them to be intimate every day, causing a stir with their controversial statements.

“I told Raphy that when he gets out of jail we are going to make a contract, normal, so that it is every day. That can not be missing, daily ”


Who, when questioned by the announcers, affirmed that this was indeed a kind of hobby for them, so now that they have not been able to have marital visits, they miss him in that regard.

Another statement with which the interpreter also surprised the listeners of the station was when confessed that before a show he drinks a few glasses of wine, as well as after being intimate.

Therefore, in the conversation with Mega 97.9, she was very open and faithful to her cheerful and charismatic style, despite the fact that she has recently received criticism for continuing with her normal life even though her husband is in prison.

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