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National Irish Coffee Day: 3 delicious recipes for Irish Coffee

Irish Coffee – A warming classic

You need:

4-5cl Tullamore DEW
2 teaspoons brown sugar
About 10-12 cl of hot coffee
Whipped cream

Do this:

Make sure all the ingredients are ready before you start mixing your Irish Coffee. You don’t want the coffee to cool while you whip the cream.

Brew the coffee according to the usual method (8g coffee/1.5 dl water)

Shake the cream lightly in a shaker. Here we want to achieve the same texture as with melted ice cream. We aerate it a little so that it easily binds together and does not sink through the coffee.

Temporarily fill your Irish Coffee glass with boiling water so that the glass is properly heated before you begin.

Fill the now empty and hot glass in order: brown sugar, Tullamore DEW and hot coffee. Then mix all the ingredients generously so that the sugar dissolves.

Top up to the edge with the fluffy cream over a spoon to get a nice layer on top.

Ignore the straw and experience the harmony of the meeting between the hot coffee mixture and the cool cream.

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