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Natalia Téllez melted hearts with a never-before-seen photo of the birth of her daughter Emilia

From the beach and with birds flying around her, this is how the host and actress reappeared on networks Natalia Tellezwho reflected on his experiences lived during the past 2022revealing one of the most intimate moments of his life, the birth of his little girl.

Through her Instagram account, the host of ‘Netas Divinas’ took a look at some images that represented monumental moments from last year. Among the photographs that reigned in his carousel of images were escapes to the beach, meetings with friends and family.

“2022: you took my belly and brought me a girl, you made it clear to me who my family is and what my heart is meant to do, you made me an adult and a mother… you finally prepared me to say goodbye to my grandmother. I am grateful”, wrote Natalia Téllez to accompany the emotional publication.

Although each postcard told a different story, it was the one where Natalia Téllez showed one of the first moments lived with her newborn baby Emilia and from the hospital that moved the public.

The photograph showed the also actress dressed in a hospital gown while holding her daughter in her arms with Antonio Zabala.

As a result of his feat, The 37-year-old presenter became the target of dozens of messages of affection from celebrities and one or another fan. Such was the case with actress Angelique Boyer, Consuelo and Daniela Magun, to name a few.

“Why are you so pretty, why why why!!!”; “Omg Natalitaaaaaa!! You are the spitting image of your grandmother!! She sure was identical to you when you were young!! ”; “How beautiful” and “You look like Barbie”, are some of the messages that are read on the network.

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