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Natalia Téllez enjoys motherhood in an exclusive Jewish area where she lives

Natalia Téllez, a prominent host of television programs and film actress, recently celebrated the first year of her little Emilia’s life fruit of his relationship with Antonio Zabala.

However, since before her baby came into this world, the former host of the reality shows La Voz… México and ¿Quién es la máscara? she was given the task of creating an atmosphere where she could live comfortably.

And the place chosen to move was a luxurious property located in the exclusive area of ​​Polancolocated in the northeast of Mexico City and where a large sector of the Ashkenazi Jewish community lives.

During your pregnancy, Through social networks and through some photographs published on social networks, the 37-year-old actress dedicated herself to showing the progress in the gestation process of her little girl and at the same time allowed to know various corners of her home.

In this way, the more than 4.2 million followers who are aware of the content that he shares with them discovered the avant-garde style that you have to decorate your home.

Although the property is not very spacious, it has two levels and large windows that every morning allow the entry of the sun’s rays into the room.

In case the amount of energy provided by the star king is not enough You can also access a terrace where you can better capture the heat or take a breather.

It is striking that the walls of the building lack color since, due to As a matter of aesthetics, it was decided to maintain the tonality of the concrete.

Being the daughter of a painter, works of art also usually decorate some areas of the house of Natalia and the best example is an oil painting that was given to her and where she is the main object of inspiration.

The gray color seems to be one of the television presenter’s favorites or at least that’s what her living room and carpet show, favorite places for little Emilia to take a break before taking a nap.

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